Our Introduction!

Well to start, I guess I should explain why I say our as if there is more than one person who will be typing out blog entries! My name is Morgan and I have a menagerie of random pets, and a myriad of random knowledge about their habits and the nutrition and care that they need.

Growing up in a household filled with animals, I grew to love them unconditionally. Today I have: My dog Feirin, my cat Cian, my horse Vinny, my hedgehog Margot, and three rats named Azula, Piper, and Athena.

You’ll notice in my list of “top 10 Lists” (Yes, I like lists, okay?) There is a Pinky and a Maddox listed who aren’t currently in my list of pets.

Pinky was my heart rat and the best, snuggliest little dumbo rat you would ever meet in a lifetime. I rescued him as a 3-week-old baby when I found him in a breeder bin after his mother died. He had some birth defects: his left hand had no other fingers but his Pinky (I brought home a friend with him who had a cyst on her head and named her Brain, there, you don’t need to yell at me for not taking that opportunity. Pinky was later found out to, in fact, be a male rat and they were separated). He was also abnormally small for a dumbo rat all the way up to the day he died at 2.5 years. But, as he will forever be my favorite rat (sorry to my three current girls!) he gets the top 10 Rat list!

Maddox was my Netherland dwarf/lop cross bunny who I adored, who died suddenly from a heart attack recently.

So that’s the “we”, I suppose I should get to the point of this blog…

I’ve already mentioned that I’m basically a vat of information on pet care and nutrition. I “specialize” in Dog and Cat nutrition, as well as the basic care of Horses, most small animals, Dogs, cats, and chickens. This is where I will post all of my rants (Watered down and professionally of course!) ideals, and some facts and tips on how to care for various pets!

I’m also going to kinda document my daily (or not-so-daily) ordeals with my 16-week old Lab/Pit puppy: Feirin.

So welcome aboard! It’s gonna be a long and interesting ride!


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