21 Year old animal lover with a passion for all animals. Not so much on the insects, but anything else big or small, I’m all over it. I have 5 dogs, 3 cats, a horse, 3 rats, a hedgehog, and 5 chickens, and have cared for a myriad of reptiles, small critters, birds, and fish over the years.

Amongst all of my animal love and care, I am an artist and a musician and I enjoy forming that around all of my interests, my art primarily revolving around animals (mostly horses). A few photos of my pets below: The important ones are:

Feirin: Black Lab/Pit mix puppy 16 weeks old as of 3/31/17

Brogan: White/Chocolate Brindle American Bulldog he’s 4 (he’s my mom’s dog)

Vinny: 21y/o Chestnut Quarter Horse gelding who is my pride and joy. He’s retired, but just as loveable!

Maddox: Blue Netherland Dwarf/Lop cross Bunny

Cinnamon: Appaloosa mare I used to work with (I miss her everyday since I left that barn)

Cian: 6 Year old Silver tabby BAMFC (Big Ass M****rF****n Cat)

“Daddy”: Champagne-hooded fancy rat I brought home from work

Widget: Black variegated hooded rex dumbo rat I saved from a bunch of heartless kids who were throwing him around behind an ATM.

Hobbes: My Aunt’s Cane Corso pup, he’s so handsome!

Gracie: A dropoff cockatoo someone dropped off and abandoned at work one day. She was happily rehomed and is living happily ever after with her best friend, Sonny

AAND the chickens: Charlene, Sarah, Thelma, Louise, Sasha and Becky (RIP Becky, she got taken away from us by a hawk last spring)