This is Feirin’s top 10 list of his favorite things!

First of all, we have to go with his favorite foods:

  1. Tucker’s Pork, Bison, and Pumpkin raw diet (He gets one patty in the morning and one at night)
  2. Fromm Four-Star Grain free formula (he gets about 1/4c. with each raw patty)
  3. Bully sticks
  4. Split deer antler
  5. Water Buffalo horn
  6. Kong
  7. Vermont Fleece Bone pillow toy
  8. His big tug rope to play with Uncle B (Not for chew time)
  9. Nootie Sweet Pea and Vanilla detergent-free shampoo for bathtime!
  10. Northwest Naturals Bison freeze-dried treats

Feirin wants me to remind you that with all toys and chews, you need to get what’s best for your dog! If you have a super aggressive chewer, make sure any natural chews (like antlers or bull horns) are thick enough so that your dog can’t break them easily. I don’t buy any bull horns that aren’t at least 1/2″ thick around the edge, so tough jaws can’t break it. Never assume that just because a toy works for one dog, that it will work for your dog, and never let your dog chew on anything unsupervised.